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Gorleston Competitive Festival


1. Eligibility. The Festival is for amateurs. For the purposes of this Festival, the British Federation of Festivals defines the word amateur as: “any person whose principal means of livelihood is obtained from non-performing or teaching work in the discipline involved; even if he or she, from time to time, accepts a fee, stipend or honorarium for musical or dramatic services rendered. Every entrant under the age of 18 years of age will be considered amateur.”
This rule does not apply to conductors, accompanists or bona fide members of choirs.

2. The festival committee does reserve the right to refuse entry to the festival.

3. All competitors will receive a comment sheet, completed by the adjudicator, together with a category reflecting the standard of performance achieved. All competitors will receive a certificate of participation in the Festival.

4. No person other than an official of the committee may discuss any aspect of the Festival with an adjudicator, except at the invitation of the adjudicator.

5. All applications for entry should be made either online or on the official entry form available by downloading from the website. Payment by cheque or bank transfer (details on the website) to be received within 7 days of on-line submission so that entry may be processed or by the entry deadline of January 31st. Alternatively contact the co-ordinator for an entry form and post with payment to Dr Heather Sayer Willow House, 246 High St, Gorleston on Sea Great Yarmouth NR31 6RT. Deadline for receipt January 31st. Unpaid submissions will not be included in the programme or festival.


7. It is regretted that entry fees cannot be refunded.

8. In Festival classes, competitors will not be allowed to make more than one solo entry in any one class, norwill any ensemble be allowed to make more than one entry in any one class. This requirement will be waived if a different instrument, instrumental combination or combination of people is offered in each entry.

9. The order of appearance in each class will be specified in the Festival Programme. Entrants will be expected to be ready to perform at the appointed time.

10. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published programme,
the committee reserves the right to make modifications.

11. Pieces may be heard in whole or part, at the discretion of the adjudicator, and repeats will not be considered essential at any time. The Festival will allow the use of backing tracks for accompanied
classes but these must NOT include a solo line.

12. Entrants should provide their own equipment.

13. All performances must be in complete original form, including any standard accompaniment. Entrants are responsible for keeping within the time limits as stated in the syllabus. Any performance in serious breach of these limits may be liable to disqualification or the performance stopped after the appointed time has elapsed and marked accordingly.

14. IMPORTANT NOTE – Set and Own Choice Pieces
In all classes competitors must indicate on the entry form the title, composer/author and duration of the chosen piece(s). Incomplete entries will be returned. Please note that the number of performers in both groups and choirs must be entered on the application form. Maximum number for any choir is 50. Competitors who perform a piece other than that stated on the Entry Form may be adjudicated but not graded.

15. ADJUDICATOR’S COPIES: In both music and speech classes it is essential that a publisher’s copy of any “set” or “own choice” piece is present on the premises at the time of performance. Adjudicator’s copies must be handed to the adjudicator’s clerk at the time of performance. Non-provision of such copy will result in the performance being adjudicated but not marked/graded. Any cuts or omissions should be clearly marked please. Legitimate downloaded copies must be clearly marked for returning at the end of the class. NOTICE: Competitors are warned not to infringe copyright laws by photocopying or other methods. A photocopy may be used only if the publisher has granted express permission, or if its use complies with the current guidelines of the Music Publishers’ Association (Association members’ publications only). Provided a publisher’s copy is on the premises, a photocopy may be handed to the Adjudicator but will be kept and destroyed after the performance. The committee will not hold itself responsible for any infringement of copyright by a performer.

16. Trophies will be presented after adjudications in the relevant classes.
A trophy is awarded, within the qualifying classes, to the individual performance(s) nominated by the adjudicator, unless the adjudicator deems that a sufficiently high standard has not been achieved, in which case the trophy will be withheld. The adjudicator’s decision will be final. Engraving of trophies is the responsibility of the winner, as is insurance whilst the trophy is in the winners possession.

17. A winner accepting a trophy undertakes to keep it safe and undamaged during the period for which he/she is entitled to it, and to return the trophy polished and in good condition to the Festival Trophies Officer,
by 31st January in the following year, or other date as advised by the Trophies Officer. Please note a charge of £10 will be made if the trophy has to be collected.

18. Qualifying ages should be calculated at the first day of the Festival. In the case of school group entries this rule will not be imposed to exclude older children in the same school year. ‘Adult’ means 18 years plus.

19. Entry must be for the grade of the piece to be played. The entrant will not be permitted to enter a grade lower than has already been obtained.

20. Performances of Song and Dance From The Shows.
All performances using music from shows in current production are subject to copyright law. Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, i.e., with no costume or movement without need for copyright permission. Where movement or costume are included in a performance, copyright permission is required and the festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate copyright permission has been sought by the entrant. A helpful website in exploring copyright but in no way does Gorleston Festival contribute to the contents of this site.

21. Use of Backing Tracks and/or Microphone.
Backing tracks microphones are permitted but need to provide their own playback material and equipment. Entrants are reminded that a PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) License must be obtained before using any music from records, cassettes or CDs to prepare their own backing tapes. This rule does not apply when using bought backing tapes/disks. Note that backing tracks must not include a vocal melody line. NB These classes

22. Entry fees are shown on the entry form.

23. Recital entries: graded 4-6 will be entered in the intermediate class and entrants graded 7 and 8 will be entered in the advanced class. Each class winner will receive a £50 music shop token that is funded from the Bircham award. The awards will be decided by the adjudicator overseeing the class and their decision is final. A trophy for each class will be given. No correspondence will be entered into on this matter during or after the festival.

24. Trophy winners will be expected to perform at Festival events and other participants may be invited to do so at the Committee’s discretion. All performances will receive a Festival Certificate.

25. The Harold Taylor cup is awarded to any person who has contributed extensively to the Festival by achieving a consistently high standard of marks (Commended and above) over a wide range of classes/disciplines throughout the syllabus. Consideration will be given to participation in ensembles,
choirs and orchestras as well as solo classes.

26. The Competitive Festival Committee cannot accept any liability for injury or loss to person or property. Insurance of entrants’ instruments and equipment is at all times the responsibility of the entrants.

27. In any matter of dispute the decision of the Gorleston Saint Andrew’s Competitive Festival Committee is final.

28. No abusive, aggressive or obstructive correspondence or communication will be entered into. Please be aware that all the trustees and festival assistants are volunteers and are working hard to deliver a fair and fun festival for all.

29. COMPLAINTS: Any complaint should be made in writing, and handed to the steward on duty to be passed to the complaints officer. Please note if a complaint is made with regard to an adjudication or treatment of an entrant the complainant must be the person who filled out the entry form.

30. In order for the Festival to provide the highest level of child protection both during the Festival classes and at Festival concerts, the parent, guardian or carer must be responsible for making sure their
child under 18 or vulnerable adult is at all times accompanied and adequately supervised by him/herself or a teacher or other suitable adult.
(Please see our Festival Child Protection Policy)

The Festival Rules are subject to constant revision by the Committee.